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Pacific Coast Tsunami Debris Cleanup
Alaska - BC - Washington - Oregon- California - Hawaii
Eliminate Tsunami Debris Right on the Coastline 

No Drying Out - No Grinding - No Metal Parts Concerns
No Trucking - No Landfill Tipping Fees
Most cost efficient and environmentally friendly method


High temperature FireBox combustion assures complete destruction of invasive species and microorganisms that may be attached to the Tsunami debris. Such foreign invasive species may cause long-lasting harm to local marine life, the ecosystem of the Pacific Coast Line and beyond.

See also:
Oregon State University, June 12, 2012 "Floating dock from Japan carries potential invasive species"
Asian Scientist June 19, 2012
"Tsunami Debris From Japan Carries Biological Species To California"

  • Our portable FireBox systems are affordable, easy to operate and have a long useful life.
  • All our machines meet or exceed applicable US EPA Regulations.
  • They can be put to work immidiately without any paperwork in declared disaster areas.
  • FireBoxes and our trailer-mouted towable FireBox, the BurnBoss should be used
FireBox Model S-220
(Shown with optional steel front deck security cage)

Most of the Tsunami Flotsam is Woody Debris. The portable FireBox is the best disposal method

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